Over Hill n' Dale

By Virginia Cresswell & Cynthia Brewster-Keating


Over Hill n’ Dale was written by Virginia Cresswell when she was just a teenager. However, she kept the book hidden until she had a daughter of her own many years later.

Her daughter, Cynthia Brewster-Keating of Aiken, South Carolina asked her mother why she never published the book and her mom expressed her fear that the book might not be embraced.

Virginia gave Cynthia a copy of the book but once again, put the original, hand painted manuscript back into hiding, where it stayed until many years later.

After Virginia’s death in 2009, Cynthia rediscovered the original manuscript with the hand painted pages. Whitehall Publishing is proud to publish this fun story about two tween girls who love horses, are BFF’s and share adventures together.

The story is very similar to the true story of Virginia and Cynthia as both were horse crazy, both shared their love of riding with each other and both shared adventures together!


Because Cynthia participated in the editing of the book, she is listed as the coauthor along with her mom. This is a project filled with love in which a daughter brought her mother’s dream into a reality 40+ years after it was originally written. We were able to enhance the original artwork within the book so it looks just like Virginia painted them yesterday!

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