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Cynthia showing in the Hunters

How did you get involved in riding horses and tell us about your background in horses?

My Mom and I always shared the love of horses. When my family moved to Wellesley, Mass we lived across the street from Dana Hall Riding Center. My Dad did business in Boston with a banker whose daughter worked at Dana Hall, so I had a pony lesson on one of her ponies and the bug had bitten!
I still ride as much as possible, but my Job with GGT–Footing™ keeps me very busy!

2. Tell us about your mom's background in horses.

Mom grew up in New York City; she rode out of Central Park as much as possible. In the summer, her family would go to North Carolina where she rode with her friends in the summer.

3. Tell us about the first time you knew that Over Hill n' Dale existed.

I believe I was about 32 years old and I was at her house in Radnor, Pa…I fell in love with the book and thought it should be printed.

What did your mom say about the book?

She just said; "I was writing and drawing in a book but I don’t think its good enough to be published." I could tell she was disappointed in her lack of courage to make her dream of being an artist come true, this book has some of her personal artwork included. I believe the story is about a friend that she had in her summer years as a pre teenager.
My Dad worked for Xerox for thirty years and had a copy made for me which I saved, and I always said Someday I will publish this book for my mom.
When my mom passed away in 2009, I found the original manuscript while going through her belongings at my parent’s Cape Cod home.  It was in a plain manila envelope with the name Hill and Dale Book.

4. Tell us about sharing your love of riding with your mom?

Mom and I would talk about horses all the time, she was always very supportive and made a lot of sacrifices so I could ride.
We used to go to The National Horse Show when it was held at Madison Square Garden!
One of my favorite times riding together was at a farm in Pennsylvania. We had a blast on a trail, galloping up and down some very steep hills and she did great on a very frisky thoroughbred!! My mom also spent some years teaching riding at summer camp and attended many horse shows with me as my helper!
She loved Devon Horse Show and even volunteered making and selling fudge.

5. When did you first get the idea to bring your mother's dream into reality by having her book published?

The first time I read it about 25 years ago.

6. What was the publishing process like?

Thankfully working with Bonnie and her team at Whitehall Publishing, the process was extremely pleasant.

7. Did it bring up memories of your mom?

Yes, Of course it did! Searching for photos through old photo albums brings back so many memories of our times together. It has been a very good healing processes for me. I miss my mom every day, she was my best friend and great listener.
I am so excited to publish this book in her honor.

8. What's next for you as a writer, horsewoman, and business woman?

I will continue on in my busy life as a sales person, but I plan to take the book to another chapter in the lives of Penelope and Faye!

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